Sure-Grip Rebel Derby Black Mid Fugitive Wheels


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Sure-Grip: Rebel Derby Mid Fugitive Wheels:

The original and still the best derby skate package on the market. 

Simple yet perfect for anyone playing the sport. Leather boot, probe nylon plate, QUBE Juice bearings,

Mid Fugitive or Rollout wheels, and a Carrera speed toe stop. Nothing can match this skate package and nothing ever will. 

Dollar for dollar this is the best package ever made.

Designed by derby for derby. Back when derby started their was a need for a better beginner skate that would hold up to the rigors of roller derby but yet still be affordable for the first time skater….

.thus the rebel was born.  

You choose the wheels from  *Mid  Fugitive  Purple 87a, Light Blue 90a, Yellow 93a or Green 96a or

                                                *Rollouts in either 62mm or 59mm Purple 89a, Teal 92a, Red 95a or Green 98a.

This skate is designed for the serious skater that demands perfection on every level. All leather boot, great bearings,

and an equally great wheel all combined into one affordable package

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